Hiatus Update

A lot has been going on since I got a concussion a couple months ago! I’ve mainly focused on work, and recovery and recently have started feeling more normal.

I will be resuming my capstone project and should finish my bachelor’s degree this summer, or winter. This really depends on how incompletes and summer registration for classes go. But, I have the ok to work on capstone until end of May. I plan to review the research and work I had done before and come up with a timeline for remaining work afterward. I should have a progress report by the end of this weekend.

This week, I’m looking forward to helping set up wifi at Open West as a volunteer and will be sure to write about the experience.

Until next time,



BSidesSLC 2019

Bsides SLC was 2/21 & 2/22 this year, and luckily although I couldn’t participate as much as I wanted to, I was able to make it to the last few hours yesterday!

If you aren’t familiar, Bsides is a DIY, grassroots security con which is really well described here http://www.securitybsides.com/w/page/12194138/BSides . Bsides has a reputation for being friendly to those new to security, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone.

It was great to see friends that I never manage to meet up with outside of community events. And there are so many little things I loved about the conference. For example:

  • Sean Jackson is always on top of getting actual women’s shirts for cons. This is great because, unlike the men’s straight cut that is almost universally considered unisex, they are comfy and fit!
  • I witnessed a small child refer to the dialup sound as “that old internet noise”. [https://www.dialupsound.com/]
  • I met a fellow who makes beautiful pens with his son for fun!
  • I got to attend a panel on tech with great reminders and advice for those new to the industry.
  • Although I didn’t order a badge with my ticket, I was able to buy a left over electronic badge in the end. After seeing the badge talk, I was even more curious about it!

Hopefully, I can finish the badge challenges soon ^_^.