Cryptography Basics : Notes

**I've been reading The Manga Guide to Cryptography and POC||GTFO to learn more about crypto. I'm just trying out digitizing some of my notes here, though I'm thinking a wiki like docuwiki would be better. OneNote isn't really floating my boat lately. Anyway, this shouldn't be taken as original writing, or a finished article, and… Continue reading Cryptography Basics : Notes


When I made this blog, originally I was inspired by a technical writing course I took. I wanted to create a resource accessible to the average home user. However, in hindsight, there are multiple issues with that focus. Firstly, that's far to narrow of a focus considering my interests are not that of the average… Continue reading Refocusing

Why should I try College Cyber Defense Competitions?

If you are an information technology or cybersecurity student with the opportunity to participate in a collegiate cyber defense competition I highly recommend you take advantage of it. If you don't have the opportunity to join an existing team I suggest you make one! Why? Because when you are tasked with defending a network you've… Continue reading Why should I try College Cyber Defense Competitions?