Pandemic Capture The Flags

So far this year I took part in two very different CTFs. Each one exposed me to different learning opportunities and challenges. This was especially welcome during this pandemic! And I found with so many folks being stuck at home, online participation was both easier and more rewarding.

The first was a Open SOC CTF focused on threat hunting and incident response. As a former SOC analyst I really enjoyed the experience of solving familiar challenges with a new suite of tools.

OpenSOC Network Defense Range : Learn more about the platform at

The second was Hack A Sat 2020 qualifiers put on by United States Air Force with the Defense Digital Service. The winners of that CTF are invited to ethically hack a satellite! I personally didn’t have the background knowledge of astrophysics and similar areas to get very far but I learned a lot and had a blast with the team.

Hack-A-Sat ! Learn more at

I highly recommend keeping on eye out for CTFs that you can join with a team of friends. Don’t be put off by an event being online only, or by thinking you don’t know enough. Discord, as well as other tools, make it super easy to collaborate with your teammates. And you’ll learn a ton quickly from throwing yourself in the deepend!

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