When I made this blog, originally I was inspired by a technical writing course I took. I wanted to create a resource accessible to the average home user.

However, in hindsight, there are multiple issues with that focus. Firstly, that’s far to narrow of a focus considering my interests are not that of the average home user. I frankly have no idea what someone like that would find helpful. My husband has begun to accuse me of technobabble, and he’s not exactly clueless about computers. Second, that is far too narrowly focused, and my interests in technology have expanded as I’ve learned more about computing and technology.

What drew me to technology in general was the centrality of internet and computing technologies in our daily lives. We truly live in the Information Age.

Big Data, and Privacy are major issues in our times. My interests are in the social, legal and technological issues presented to the modern person in controlling their data, privacy and maintaining control over their property (software and hardware). The list of things I intend to research in depth in the next year keeps growing and if I ever want to have a meaningful record of progress, and share what I learn along the way, I shouldn’t be narrowing my scope too far.

I want to empower myself and others by increasing access to clear and useful information on technology and privacy but I can’t narrow my focus so much that I never write or kill my own fun.

So, if I can crank out an article on VPNs that my grandparents would understand, awesome. But that doesn’t mean not writing about SQL injection, or routing protocols.

This blog post is really for myself to read in a month or a year and remember that if I want to accomplish my goals, it’s best to write whatever I want now, and edit later. I’ve had a “how to set up a virtual machine” article saved as a draft for weeks! So, I’ll keep notes that I think may benefit others here, and track progress on various projects here, and write how-tos as I go.

This is really my journal. A record for myself, of what I’m learning and would like others to be able to find information on as well. So… here goes!

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