First blog post

My name is Charlie, and I am starting this blog in order to write informative articles accessible to the average user regarding security, as well as to document my own personal projects and studies.

Two years ago I decided to move across the country and change my major from illustration to information technology. Once I made that shift cybersecurity caught my eye and motivated me to continue learning more. As I get more involved in my local cyber security community the more exciting it becomes. I recommend to any tech enthusiast to check out meetup and look for conferences in their local area. You learn things you may not have otherwise, meet new people and have a great time doing it. At DefCon this past August I learned about several charities dedicated to bringing technology into people’s lives and even using hacking skills to bring down human traffickers. This opened up my eyes to the potential for good that can come out of dedication to this path and increased my desire to make a meaningful contribution. I have high goals but, after all, every journey begins with a single step.

There is always something new to learn in computing so let’s have fun with it and teach each other!

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